Procedures Offered

Brazilian Butt (Lipoinjection or Implants)

The lack of volume in the gluteal zone as well as the lack of symmetry is one of the biggest consultations, for this type of patients the most used techniques are the Lipoinjection which uses the fat of the same patient to give him/her the form and the desired volume.

Also for those buttocks that definitely have very little muscle tissue and even with fat there will be no change in their shape, the inclusion of silicone implants is used.

Note: it is important not to compress the gluteal area so the patient should remain as long as possible without supporting this area.

Type of anesthesia


Type of surgery


Time of surgery for Lipoinjection

1-2 hours approx.


2 – 3 weeks

Surgery time for inclusion of implants

2 hours approx.


3-4 weeks

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