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The Borenstein Maneuver: A Surgical Technique to Narrow the Breast and Add Projection

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Ammiram Boresnstein; Or Friedman,Md


The Borestein maneuver is a powerful surgical tool used to achieve 3 goal:

1. Narrowing of the wide breast
2. Adding projection.
3. Gradually reducing tension from the final skin closure


Most breast reduction methods debulk the breast tissue and repackage it with a tailored skin “brassiere.” Some authors have attempted to address the shaping of the central portion of the breast via pillar sutures, or suspending the pedicle in attempts to augment the upper pole. The Borestein manueuver enables the surgeon to address the lateral breast tissue and use it to add projection and reduce the tension on the skin during the approximation and skin closure. The maneuver can be used in breast reduction, mastopexy, augmentation mastopexy, and oncoplastic breast reconstruction to achieve the same goals in different variations.

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